Integrate manual decisions into automated workflows

Nueno is built for fast-growth tech startups that have manual work behind the scenes. Simply connect your processes to Nueno and let your operations teams support your automated workflows with human judgment.

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Integrates with the workflow automation tools you already use:

Integrates with the workflow automation tools you already use:

Integrate manual decisions into your automated workflows

Nueno is a no-code platform that makes it easy to build internal tools for human-in-the-loop workflows – when your processes need to be assisted by human judgment.

Nueno for operations teams

Turn operations teams into citizen developers

Nueno gives operations teams the building blocks, such as task assignment, activity logs, and product integrations for creating internal tools for handling manual tasks. With Nueno’s no-code internal tool builder operators can iterate faster on their processes without depending on engineering resources.


Gain a 360° view of where things stand

Act on real-time data, not guesses. Nueno gives you a high-level overview of where things stand at a glance so you know your team is moving in the right direction. Quickly see how many tasks are in progress, what’s left to do, and who is responsible.

Nueno for engineering teams

One simple API for manual tasks

Nueno provides the building blocks operations teams need, such as task assignment, activity logs, and analytics, so you don’t have to build them yourself. Our API requires minimal engineering effort, and actions taken within Nueno sync automatically with your core application.

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Human background jobs for your application

Push manual tasks to Nueno, the place where your operations teams work from. When a task is completed the data is sent back to your core application.

Get started and add manual decisions to your automated workflows

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